Progress report for our donors

We gave a two-day report back to our good donors at KOICA and our facilitators at UNESCO Jakarta Regional office.  Also attending were science education representatives from three other Southeast Asian nations, several high-level Ministry of Education officials, and around 20 local teachers.

Held at Hotel Timor in downtown Dili, it was a bit distant from the realities of schools here, so we also arranged a school visit to the junior high in Bekora suburb called ‘Esperanca de Patria’ (‘Hope of the Fatherland’).  Science and mathematics teachers there  were carrying out pratika and doing a good job of it despite the 60+ students in each classroom.

The high point of the two days was the presentations by the students from two different schools about the pratika they’d learned from their teachers.  Everyone enjoys learning from students, and the students also gain a lot from it.  We seem to have impressed our donors and it is always good to stop and get a look back at what’s been done so far.  Photos below.

Due to various bureaucratic issues, we’ve had a cash flow problem and won’t get to the schools we had planned  to visit this trimester.  We’ll have to push back the visits until May, and so now we’re enjoying working in our newly refurbished laboratory/workshop here in Dili and preparing for our final round of 8 trainings, the C Sessions, in March and April.


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